Can’t leave a good Bush joke alone.

Its now 4 years since we have not had W in the White House.  So how unshocking that comedians still can’t find any humor to mine in Obama-land, but good old George is still a favorite target.  I was watching Conan last week, and I decided to watch Martin Short interview who I usually find somewhat amusing.  Well the discussion goes to famous Presidents Conan and Short have met and Short says he met Bush in the day and Bush reminded him of a very beautifully-coffed Simian (Monkey or Ape).  proof:   go to about 2:10 minute mark.

Wow, I guess he couldn’t have done that one with Obama’s name inserted or Short would have been barred from Hollywood parties for life or burned at the stake of PC enforcement.   But if it’s that dumbass, punching bag W then game on.  Pathetic, Short; Bush has been out of sight for four years and yet you can’t let it go.

The Left has ruined entertainment for me, there are so many of them who I once enjoyed in movies, and in song but really more and more I can’t bring myself to watch or listen to them, after I hear them being so obvious in their political leanings. Since the influence of pop culture and our media is so biased left, that’s why I don’t take shit I hear libs say without returning fire.  We got to be ready to hit them verbally and what ever ways back when they hit us.

The media barring talk radio, Fox and a few print outlets is working more and more in concert with the Dems and the left.  We can’t let them bulldoze us with their bullshit any more, too much is at stake…even if it means never watching another Ed Grimley skit.  Damn life is hard.


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So Sad Part II

Boy that racism card just won’t go away, especially if you can use it in the same sentence with the words Tea Party.  Here are the words of  Stanley Crouch from the NY Daily News commentary about how Susan Rice was destroyed (I am sorry she was scalped, you see right wingers not only hate blacks but we like to smear Native Americans as well) by those evil right wingers.

Some wonder why President Obama did not defend Rice to a greater degree. She is a good friend of his — and was likely his clear choice to head the operation over in Foggy Bottom.
It appears to many in and out of the Obama administration that the extreme right-wingers of the Tea Party have scared him away from showing even the least bit of favoritism for a black statesman (or, in this case, woman).
Read more:

Yep those EXTREME right-wingers of the TEA PARTY!  Let’s see Lindsey Graham and John (Gollum) McCain were two of the biggest opponents to Suzi Rice and last time I checked they weren’t exactly card-carrying members of the Tea Party.  Even the most moderate marshmallow of the RINO middle, Susan Collins wasn’t giving the thumbs up to Ms. Rice.  Maybe if Obama really wanted her to be Sec’try of State they wouldn’t  have used her as the spokeperson for the Benghazi debacle coming up with the anti-Muslim video as the reason for our personnel being killed.  I also suspect Susan Rice wasn’t very diplomatic in her meetings with Republicans she needed to win over.  And being Secretary of State it helps to be a tad diplomatic.

I think Mr. Crouch should be happy that Ms. Rice did the dirty work for President Obama  and that Hillary is left unscathed as well for the total failure of leadership we showed in the attack on the Benghazi embassy.

It’s the Crouch who stole Christmases of the world that love to keep the race card alive and well.  But hey that’s why progressives are so… hmmmm regressive?

But then they don’t  miss any chance to smear the Tea Party.  So Sad.

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Here’s some new thinking.

Peggy Noonan’s WSJ opinion piece in today’s paper hits on a good observation that the Republicans need to come up with some new talking points or new thinking.  Here is an example from her editorial:

If conservatives are going to appeal to the nonrich, perhaps we want to be talking about—I don’t know, let’s float an idea—breaking up the banks? Too big to fail is too big to live, didn’t we learn that in 2008? Why aren’t we debating this? How about doing away with the carried interest deduction? Would billionaire hedge-fund contributors not like that? Isn’t that just kind of . . . too bad?Those are two ideas that, while politically difficult, would have broad populist appeal and are conservative in essence.This is not the time to be describing the problem—we need “new thinking”—it’s the time to start coming up with the new thinking.

I think she is spot on with the first item.  Sure it’d require a  new regulation, but if you kept it simple (not a modern concept) and said you have to sell off part of your operations if you reach a certain size, or you can only have a certain percent of the banking market before you have to diversify, this would be a popular and smart policy.  Her second item, the carried interest deduction, shit I know what she is referring to, nor would 95% of the voters in this country.  I am not saying it’s not a good idea but it’s not going to a barn burner in terms of political gain.

Here is a thought that I think should be pushed hard, and I mean really hard by the Republicans/conservatives.  Push for laws that would encourage formation, (or lessen any constraints on them being formed) of ESOPs; especially targeting companies who are enmeshed in constant union vs. management battles (airlines, auto companies, shipping companies, steel, construction).  ESOP, or employee stock ownership plans make so much sense on so many levels I can’t believe it’s never talked about.

One it’s a better business model than most.  It allows for employees to buy and own stock in the company, taking part of their salary as options, stock, methods of ownership in the company.  It’s not a cure all, and it should not be a plan where all employee’s 401K or savings go into just company stock; but  properly designed you can bet you look at your fellow employee differently if they are not protected by a union contract that prevents them from being fired except for the most egregious circumstances.  You might not tolerate sloppy work or bad habits of colleague when you know your bonus or profit sharing and stock price may suffer.   Management would have to include more input from front line and production employees.  It also helps to have employees having a strong voice in policy and business decisions, and I can’t help but think it has to prevent stacking the board of directors with cronies, helping to stem the obscene payments and bonuses some companies have for upper management.

I good example is the recent Hostess Bakery demise .  Here you had unions dug in, and in essence allowing principle and stubbornness rule over saving thousand of jobs that are hard to replace in this economy.  But before we go all hard ass on the union, in a WSJ article from Dec 3rd, well lookie here, the board of directors gave all the executive geniuses bonuses knowing the Ding Dong was about to hit the fan.  My that was convenient wasn’t it?  Maybe I would have been a little reluctant to bend over if I was the union as well.  I mean this how broken the union/management divide can be to companies.

What a better message than pushing a business model that provides the chance for great reward for employees and companies that work hard and with purpose to grow and make long-term decisions.  If a company succeeds and does well, let all the people who made it do so share in the reward, not just a small group of investors and upper management.

Republicans could use this subject to emphasis making healthier companies and healthier economy;  having an economy with more responsive, responsible  companies that can react and adapt quicker to economic conditions, and best of all weaken the Dem- labor union political marriage, and take a positive tack on labor issues than the confrontational one we have now.

I think we need to do the same thing in a public sector unions as well, where there are incentives and policies to make it so all parts of a government entity work towards similar goals and making good financial decisions. But that subject is a lot trickier and I think above my pay grade.

So Repubs bring some solid and popular ideas to the table, and I hope you see ESOP model as one of the ways to think new and think smart.  Because right now you are the Stupid Party and that needs to change.

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So Sad

I was having dinner this week with my daughter who is a Tweeter all-star and asked if she was following me on Tweeter.  She said she couldn’t since my tweeter name is LarryDteaparty.  I said what would that have to do with it.  And she says you know that the Tea Party has a bunch of racists in it. And I countered ” you know that isn’t true” and she mumbled yeah kinda but ….”   Again proof of how good a job the media has done maligning the original Tea Party movement.

What my daughter is saying she can’t be seen even following someone with a tweeter name with tea party in it or all her liberal minded twits would think untoward thoughts about her.  Even sadder, I know many conservative minded Republicans who think about the same thing.  Again all I can say is the focus of the Tea Party was to fight for smaller government, free markets, individual liberty and responsibility and fiscal responsibility at all levels of government but particular the Federal level.  Just look at the Unions in Michigan threatening proponents of the Right to Work law,  or the Occupy Movement during its camp outs if you want something to keep you up at night.

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Shirley you jest: Romney may have been the worst pick among Republican hopefuls

I saw this quote today in an article by Don Eggen of the Washington Post.

Craig Shirley, a Ronald Reagan biographer and adviser to conservative groups, said the comments underscore Romney’s fundamental weakness as a nominee. “Conventional wisdom in Republican circles was that Romney was the best candidate,” he said. “In hindsight, he may have been the worst choice.”
I don’t know that much about Mr. “Don’t call me ” Shirley, but what I have read on his blog I think we might see eye to eye on a number of things.  But that statement above, come on.

Michelle Bachmann, she  would have been destroyed by the Obama machine, she put her foot in her mouth way too often, she was able to be more of media hatred target than Sarah Palin had been, and she  probably  have gotten more Dems to the polls than anyone else.

…but maybe, Herman Cain, his lack of governing experience, though somewhat attractive, would have only added to the shredding  by Obama because of absolutely no foreign policy experience.  Even a disaster of Obama in foreign affairs at least had Osama’s death and 4 years of being commander in chief.  Herman couldn’t have made a national run based on 9 9 9 and God if there is anything worse to a pure Democrat than an evangelical republican, it is a conservative Black successful Republican.  Plus only Dems can be sexual predators ( ie Billy Clinton, Teddy Kennedy) and get the free pass from those free thinking NOW members and MS journalists.

… then of course Newt, who definitely would have done better in the debates but had way too much baggage and negatives to ever be the eventual winner.
… wait there was Tim Pawlenty, that would have taken white bread boring to a whole new level,  it would’ve  made Mitt look like Lindsey Lohan off  her probation and her meds.
…no, then it has to be Ron Paul, oh yes Ron.  Well if Ron could talk coherently, looked not like a cranky old geezer and not be quite as naive and made a better, less extreme cause for not doing nation building he may have been better, but guess what he was all those things and despite a nice cult following of believers/worshippers, but he wouldn’t have won anything but the biggest loser in Presidential races history award.

…. Rick Perry, let me pause for 30 seconds, for me to come up with any reasons he might be better than Romney,  ah… ..give me another few minutes….ah…what was the question?
Which leaves us Rick Santorum, (I don’t think Jon Huntsman deserves any discussion on being a better Republican nominee, though maybe a better Dem nominee would be worth pursing), who did himself in worse than anyone else.  He came across very angry in the primaries, Dems would have ripped him even a bigger ahole for his conservative contraception values, fisting him big time as a woman-hater… you see how well they did that to Romney who rarely pushed social issues.  And he was pegged a loser with getting his ass kicked in his last senate race.
So Mr. Shirley there you go, so you still stick to your statement?  Mr. Romney lost not being the worst nominee,  but because Republicans provided a really shitty choice of nominees.  We needed a Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, or Marco Rubio in the race and maybe the timing wasn’t right, but none of the nominees we had this time around really had the full package to take on the One.

When you have a near majority of the population getting some kind of direct or indirect government goodie, when you have a Media that acts as a PR firm for the Democrats, when you have a campaign that never stopped and had much better tools than Romney’s, when you have a freak storm and a freak fat f-word governor who does his best to help Obama at the crucial juncture, when you had a President who hid everything he could until after the election and a myriad of other reasons, then you have reasons for a small but significant lose.  But Romney as the worse nominee, not even close.  And Shirley I don’t jest.

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Lugar takes a teabagging

Poor Senator Lugar gets voted out in a Republican primary by those evil bad tea party SOBs.  Why when you got John Kerry and Dana Milbank…CBS news coming out and tsk tsking how a great Senator Lugar was, you know you got a very VERY  Moderate to left of center Republican.  I think 36 years in the Senate was a nice run; and twice as long as anyone needs to serve.  Good to see the Tea Party making a difference and put some fear into the cozy establishment of the two parties.  I think the concept of bipartisanship is nice in theory but when Leiberman became too right leaning the Dems didn’t have a problem getting his ass out of the party.  We need a philosophy of conservatism  in fiscal policy that won’t give in to the horrible fiscal policies of the Left. Go Mourdock make John Kerry’s day.

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The State Run Media Story(ies) of the Week.

A new series of the weekly story or stories the Democrats try to act is news, but the reality is it is the White House and Mainstream Media propaganda they seek to shove down our throats.

This week is a double feature:

1.  If the Supreme Court rejects Obamacare’s individual mandate, this will turn into a victory for Obama and end up hurting the Republicans.

2. Trayvon Martin was a doey eyed innocent victim of a crazed white vigilante that stalked him and killed him because he had a hoodie on and was black.

Everywhere I seemed to turn last week were commentary and articles going off about how Obama wins if Obamacare gets overturned.  It must of looked grim quickly during the Supreme Court review this week, causing the department of propaganda to take a cow turd and try to turn it into filet mignon.  Only problem being the filet mignon was made in a laboratory of lies and not in grass fed pasture.  You mean Obama spends the almost entire first two years pushing this monstrosity of legislation down our throats and now that it might get repealed, and Obama isn’t going to lose out?  Whew that is some mighty spinning going on.

And then we have Trayvon Martin, the story the state run media wants to be the narrative they come out with.  Poor innocent Trayvon and mad man death-wish like manic George Zimmerman.  No more white a name than George Zimmerman… oops he don’t look like a typical redneck cracker, he all brown and shit. And now it appears Trayvon was hitting old George pretty roughly on the ground when he got shot.  Not saying Trevon deserved to die for this, and not sure why George was still in the mix when told to not pursue Trayvon.  Basically I don’t and most of you don’t know enough to commend or rule not guilty either party and the truth will lie somewhere between innocent victim shot for being in the wrong spot at the wrong time and George Zimmerman, law abiding citizen defending himself from a crazed dangerous teenager.  The state run media really tipped their hand by running a picture of Trayvon when he was a innocent looking tween, not the picture of Trayvon looking a little more like a gangsta in training of more recent vintage.  I don’t condone random violence but don’t taint the story so much that you lose credibility either, not that state run media as any cred to speak of.

All I know if Rush Limbaugh got as deeply involved in a controversial case such as this, there would be an out pouring of angry and demand he be fired from his day job.  I guess Reverend Al gets the black pass, that Obama keeps receiving. So much for bringing us together huh.  And if the state run media really wants to be all concerned with black males dying in violence then maybe give some more attention to the rampant black on black gang crime that dwarfs the random George Zimmerman issues of the world.  But that isn’t as fun as going after Stand your ground legislation and how beaten down the black man is by the white man.

You know that is true; I mean whitey keeping blacks down, just see how much Obama has made the lives of black teenagers better in his four years, yeah right… hope less and more change for the worse.

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We lost a good one: Andrew Breitbart

He is what the right needs more of, someone that takes the fight to the heart of the beast.   Who else could expose Acorn, Occupy, black racism via Shirley Sherrod video, NPR, Michael Moore, etc.  Hopefully his organization will continue to thrive without him and more will take his place to carry the fight to present truths that the Democratic bedfellow  lamestream media would just rather turn its head and ignore.  Thanks for being a warrior for the conservative side, God rest your soul.




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Reading the Tea Leaves, pre SC primary

Well with two under his belt Romney looks like he will be tough to beat for the nomination. I just can’t see who can or who I even want to make a serious challenge to him.  Ron Paul has his core following but I don’t see that becoming much bigger,for me and many others doomed  by too extreme of comments on Iran and views on the Middle East situation.  Gingrich has come off as left of Obama with his Bain attacks on Romney and there is something I just don’t trust with him.  Santorum left me cold with his whining at the earlier debates and he seems too focused on social issues (anybody remember our little debt issue).  Huntsman not a chance; don’t like, don’t care..  Rick Perry took out both six shooters and proceeded to hit his feet perfectly and stumbled ever since… adios mi amigo.  Hey Rick, if you didn’t resemble Senor W you probably had a better chance and of course if you kept your gun holstered.

I can vote Romney with no problem.  I think he could be best at doing a turnaround for the US, which is what we need and soon, as in yesterday.

I wish as a tea partier that someone like Paul Ryan or Jim DeMint were in the race but they aren’t.  I still feel we’ll head in the right direction under any of the Republican leadership, and if that is Romney well so be it.

I feel the work of the media, the democrats has done some real damage to the Tea Party movement, but many Americans rather be on the “winning” side than have core beliefs that they stay true to.  I will continue to work for a America that values personal liberty over a large central government who wants more and more control over our lives.

The work (of the Tea Party) has just began, a victory by a republican is the only hope short term that we can begin to reign in spending and turn this ship around.   Stop bashing each other and focus on the end… a one term for the ONE.

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Welcome to the Party

Welcome to the party of ideas, thoughts, sarcasm, satire and rants of a Tea Party minded guy.  I like the concept of shrinking of government and restoring us to a better balance of free market principles and moderate taxation.  Though I would say I am a Republican, I like that the Tea Party concept allows you to criticize all excess spenders and bloaters be it a guy named W or the One.

I have been doing some political commentary from time to time on my other blog, Random Acts of Abstractness, but want to leave that more as my photography blog and not piss off the more liberal minded patrons.  Art and politics can be very strange bedfellow and I hate vicious pillow fights, so I thought best to use separate bedrooms.  My other favorite target for blogging is sports related, but for now I can barely handle one blog, so my next step is to get this one going.  Hope you enjoy and lets get this party started!




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