The Un-derful world of Disney ?

Just when we thought Chumlee was a non-factor in N. Korean politics, our sharp eyed sources caught not only the un-authorized version of Disney characters performing for the Un Leader (Kim Jong Un), but a Genie who looked a very similar to Kim Jong Un’s sibling rival  Chumlee.  Independent sources said the head of the costume  genie was switched just before the performance began with a head of the cult figure Chumlee of Pawn Star fame.  Proof come in this photo taken at the recent event.

Unfortunately we have no idea what chararter the green dude is, but rumor had it as a poor reproduction of Pluto with food poisoning.


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U didn’t build that… Take that Oblamema

Go to for more gems that give President Oblamema the blame he deserves and built all by himself.

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