So Sad Part II

Boy that racism card just won’t go away, especially if you can use it in the same sentence with the words Tea Party.  Here are the words of  Stanley Crouch from the NY Daily News commentary about how Susan Rice was destroyed (I am sorry she was scalped, you see right wingers not only hate blacks but we like to smear Native Americans as well) by those evil right wingers.

Some wonder why President Obama did not defend Rice to a greater degree. She is a good friend of his — and was likely his clear choice to head the operation over in Foggy Bottom.
It appears to many in and out of the Obama administration that the extreme right-wingers of the Tea Party have scared him away from showing even the least bit of favoritism for a black statesman (or, in this case, woman).
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Yep those EXTREME right-wingers of the TEA PARTY!  Let’s see Lindsey Graham and John (Gollum) McCain were two of the biggest opponents to Suzi Rice and last time I checked they weren’t exactly card-carrying members of the Tea Party.  Even the most moderate marshmallow of the RINO middle, Susan Collins wasn’t giving the thumbs up to Ms. Rice.  Maybe if Obama really wanted her to be Sec’try of State they wouldn’t  have used her as the spokeperson for the Benghazi debacle coming up with the anti-Muslim video as the reason for our personnel being killed.  I also suspect Susan Rice wasn’t very diplomatic in her meetings with Republicans she needed to win over.  And being Secretary of State it helps to be a tad diplomatic.

I think Mr. Crouch should be happy that Ms. Rice did the dirty work for President Obama  and that Hillary is left unscathed as well for the total failure of leadership we showed in the attack on the Benghazi embassy.

It’s the Crouch who stole Christmases of the world that love to keep the race card alive and well.  But hey that’s why progressives are so… hmmmm regressive?

But then they don’t  miss any chance to smear the Tea Party.  So Sad.


December 18, 2012. Party Chairman Commentary.

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