Dirty Hillie, Crazy Bernie

In the seventies there was a Peter Fonda, Susan George movie called Crazy Larry, Dirty MaryCrazy Bernie Dirty Hillie, but I thought the idea needed  updated characters.


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When Obama goes the way of Renee Zellweger

Obama for Don King post don king photo













Renee who seems to gone over a major facial makeover yet denies anything of the sort, seems to foreshadow what may happen with President Obama.  Pictures:  Obama today,  Obama 10 years from now and claims he hasn’t had any facial work.  Afterall, hasn’t Obama always wanted to be King… perhaps not Don King, but King nonetheless.

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Wow Late Night Hosts really do make fun of the President (Current One).

In a prior rant I lamented how it seems comedians just can’t leave the Bush era behind.  I guess because Obama just isn’t funny material,  but lo and behold I saw  a collection of late night jokes that Investors Business Daily collates and indeed the gloves have come off and by God most of the jokes are pretty good, here some of my favs:

Fallon: The president in a little trouble. During a fundraiser yesterday, President Obama raised eyebrows when he called California’s Kamala Harris quote “the best-looking attorney general in the country.” Then Michelle was like, “Well, here’s another joke, what’s black and white and sleeps on the couch?”

Fallon: Obama called Kamala Harris the best looking attorney general while at a California fundraiser. Hopefully, the fundraiser was to buy a really nice necklace for Michelle.

Leno: Obama apologizes to Joe Biden for saying California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris is so pretty. It’s Joe’s job to say the stupid, embarrassing stuff in public.

Leno: AP, the world’s largest news-gathering organization, bans the term “illegal immigrant.” From now on AP will call them “undocumented Democrats.”

Fallon: President Obama announced a $100-million initiative to map the human brain. Joe Biden said, “You could map mine for a lot less.”

Fallon: President Obama shot hoops yesterday and went two for 22. Tough times. One minute he asks Congress to raise the debt limit. The next he’s asking to lower the hoop.
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U didn’t build that… Take that Oblamema

Go to  didntbuildthat.com for more gems that give President Oblamema the blame he deserves and built all by himself.

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A Cautionary Note

Obama is going to own this economy.  Read this thoughtful article and see it just might work.  This is my fear that Obama will be able to make it seem things are improving  just long enough to get elected and then… well it could be an ugly future ahead.  The key to win this election is to appeal to the heart as well, but do it with the message of library, freedom and restoring a healthy private sector that operates more on capitalism principles and less on socialism.



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