Lugar takes a teabagging

Poor Senator Lugar gets voted out in a Republican primary by those evil bad tea party SOBs.  Why when you got John Kerry and Dana Milbank…CBS news coming out and tsk tsking how a great Senator Lugar was, you know you got a very VERY  Moderate to left of center Republican.  I think 36 years in the Senate was a nice run; and twice as long as anyone needs to serve.  Good to see the Tea Party making a difference and put some fear into the cozy establishment of the two parties.  I think the concept of bipartisanship is nice in theory but when Leiberman became too right leaning the Dems didn’t have a problem getting his ass out of the party.  We need a philosophy of conservatism  in fiscal policy that won’t give in to the horrible fiscal policies of the Left. Go Mourdock make John Kerry’s day.


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Take my wife, if you can find her… Vladimir Youngman rules

I have a ready wit. Tell me when you are ready, Comrade… tell me quick.

If I had life to do over again, I be back in USSR… stop me , please.

People tell me I look like a talent scout… for the gulag.

I was so handsome when I was born, the doctor kissed my mother and asked for my autograph.

I give you more rights, fellow citizen, the right to get arrested, right away.

I made a killing in the US stock market. I shot my broker.  He wasn’t very happy , in fact he was Madoff.

I give my  wife something to look forward to — a divorce.

The secret of a happy marriage is to keep it a secret.  Marriage very happy , DA!!

All my wife does is shop – once she was sick for a week, and three countries in European Union  went under.

Aren’t you glad I am back… DA!!

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All Romney has to do is show this video, over and over again….

…If I wanted Obama and the Democrats to Fail that is.  And believe me I do, I do, I DO.

How well put and this just focuses on energy; it could be done on immigration, defense, the economy, dept of justice….

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