Reading the Tea Leaves, pre SC primary

Well with two under his belt Romney looks like he will be tough to beat for the nomination. I just can’t see who can or who I even want to make a serious challenge to him.  Ron Paul has his core following but I don’t see that becoming much bigger,for me and many others doomed  by too extreme of comments on Iran and views on the Middle East situation.  Gingrich has come off as left of Obama with his Bain attacks on Romney and there is something I just don’t trust with him.  Santorum left me cold with his whining at the earlier debates and he seems too focused on social issues (anybody remember our little debt issue).  Huntsman not a chance; don’t like, don’t care..  Rick Perry took out both six shooters and proceeded to hit his feet perfectly and stumbled ever since… adios mi amigo.  Hey Rick, if you didn’t resemble Senor W you probably had a better chance and of course if you kept your gun holstered.

I can vote Romney with no problem.  I think he could be best at doing a turnaround for the US, which is what we need and soon, as in yesterday.

I wish as a tea partier that someone like Paul Ryan or Jim DeMint were in the race but they aren’t.  I still feel we’ll head in the right direction under any of the Republican leadership, and if that is Romney well so be it.

I feel the work of the media, the democrats has done some real damage to the Tea Party movement, but many Americans rather be on the “winning” side than have core beliefs that they stay true to.  I will continue to work for a America that values personal liberty over a large central government who wants more and more control over our lives.

The work (of the Tea Party) has just began, a victory by a republican is the only hope short term that we can begin to reign in spending and turn this ship around.   Stop bashing each other and focus on the end… a one term for the ONE.


January 13, 2012. Tags: , . Party Chairman Commentary.

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