The State Run Media Story(ies) of the Week.

A new series of the weekly story or stories the Democrats try to act is news, but the reality is it is the White House and Mainstream Media propaganda they seek to shove down our throats.

This week is a double feature:

1.  If the Supreme Court rejects Obamacare’s individual mandate, this will turn into a victory for Obama and end up hurting the Republicans.

2. Trayvon Martin was a doey eyed innocent victim of a crazed white vigilante that stalked him and killed him because he had a hoodie on and was black.

Everywhere I seemed to turn last week were commentary and articles going off about how Obama wins if Obamacare gets overturned.  It must of looked grim quickly during the Supreme Court review this week, causing the department of propaganda to take a cow turd and try to turn it into filet mignon.  Only problem being the filet mignon was made in a laboratory of lies and not in grass fed pasture.  You mean Obama spends the almost entire first two years pushing this monstrosity of legislation down our throats and now that it might get repealed, and Obama isn’t going to lose out?  Whew that is some mighty spinning going on.

And then we have Trayvon Martin, the story the state run media wants to be the narrative they come out with.  Poor innocent Trayvon and mad man death-wish like manic George Zimmerman.  No more white a name than George Zimmerman… oops he don’t look like a typical redneck cracker, he all brown and shit. And now it appears Trayvon was hitting old George pretty roughly on the ground when he got shot.  Not saying Trevon deserved to die for this, and not sure why George was still in the mix when told to not pursue Trayvon.  Basically I don’t and most of you don’t know enough to commend or rule not guilty either party and the truth will lie somewhere between innocent victim shot for being in the wrong spot at the wrong time and George Zimmerman, law abiding citizen defending himself from a crazed dangerous teenager.  The state run media really tipped their hand by running a picture of Trayvon when he was a innocent looking tween, not the picture of Trayvon looking a little more like a gangsta in training of more recent vintage.  I don’t condone random violence but don’t taint the story so much that you lose credibility either, not that state run media as any cred to speak of.

All I know if Rush Limbaugh got as deeply involved in a controversial case such as this, there would be an out pouring of angry and demand he be fired from his day job.  I guess Reverend Al gets the black pass, that Obama keeps receiving. So much for bringing us together huh.  And if the state run media really wants to be all concerned with black males dying in violence then maybe give some more attention to the rampant black on black gang crime that dwarfs the random George Zimmerman issues of the world.  But that isn’t as fun as going after Stand your ground legislation and how beaten down the black man is by the white man.

You know that is true; I mean whitey keeping blacks down, just see how much Obama has made the lives of black teenagers better in his four years, yeah right… hope less and more change for the worse.


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