So Sad

I was having dinner this week with my daughter who is a Tweeter all-star and asked if she was following me on Tweeter.  She said she couldn’t since my tweeter name is LarryDteaparty.  I said what would that have to do with it.  And she says you know that the Tea Party has a bunch of racists in it. And I countered ” you know that isn’t true” and she mumbled yeah kinda but ….”   Again proof of how good a job the media has done maligning the original Tea Party movement.

What my daughter is saying she can’t be seen even following someone with a tweeter name with tea party in it or all her liberal minded twits would think untoward thoughts about her.  Even sadder, I know many conservative minded Republicans who think about the same thing.  Again all I can say is the focus of the Tea Party was to fight for smaller government, free markets, individual liberty and responsibility and fiscal responsibility at all levels of government but particular the Federal level.  Just look at the Unions in Michigan threatening proponents of the Right to Work law,  or the Occupy Movement during its camp outs if you want something to keep you up at night.


December 15, 2012. Tags: , , . Party Chairman Commentary.

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