Can’t leave a good Bush joke alone.

Its now 4 years since we have not had W in the White House.  So how unshocking that comedians still can’t find any humor to mine in Obama-land, but good old George is still a favorite target.  I was watching Conan last week, and I decided to watch Martin Short interview who I usually find somewhat amusing.  Well the discussion goes to famous Presidents Conan and Short have met and Short says he met Bush in the day and Bush reminded him of a very beautifully-coffed Simian (Monkey or Ape).  proof:   go to about 2:10 minute mark.

Wow, I guess he couldn’t have done that one with Obama’s name inserted or Short would have been barred from Hollywood parties for life or burned at the stake of PC enforcement.   But if it’s that dumbass, punching bag W then game on.  Pathetic, Short; Bush has been out of sight for four years and yet you can’t let it go.

The Left has ruined entertainment for me, there are so many of them who I once enjoyed in movies, and in song but really more and more I can’t bring myself to watch or listen to them, after I hear them being so obvious in their political leanings. Since the influence of pop culture and our media is so biased left, that’s why I don’t take shit I hear libs say without returning fire.  We got to be ready to hit them verbally and what ever ways back when they hit us.

The media barring talk radio, Fox and a few print outlets is working more and more in concert with the Dems and the left.  We can’t let them bulldoze us with their bullshit any more, too much is at stake…even if it means never watching another Ed Grimley skit.  Damn life is hard.


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The Beltway Hillbillies, Jonthro Crashes and Burns, The Bank rejoices

During our last episode, the Beltway Hillbillies were heading towards the Fiscal Cliff.  Pork Banker Scary Drysreed and his assistant, Nanny Giveaway, decided to let them go ahead and drive off the Cliff, but word got back to Chairman of the Board, Mr. Big One and he hurried back with his best negotiation skills to solve the potential crisis.

Just as the Cliff  loomed ahead, Jonthro Boner, Speaker of the House of Cards, and nephew to Dumbasset patriarch Mitch Dumbasset, took a corner too fast as he took his eyes off the road and mentally undressed a pretty bill of goods called Sandy Relief.  He claimed he was tired and just needed to get past this crazy desire to drive off the Fiscal Cliff.  He was last seen staggering back towards the Federal Tax and Redistribution Bank and reports had him muttering about Mr. Drysreed reproducing with himself.

old car accident

Mr. Big O'Bamya, Nanny Gaveway, and Scary Drysreed

At the FTR Bank, Mr. Big One, Chairman of the Board returns from his Hawaiian vacation to chat up their victory of more revenue and MORE AND MORE REDISTRIBUTION AND SPENDING LIKE DRUNK SAILORS!!!

Mr. Big One: (BO)   Jeez guys I guess coming back to cut the power steering line to The Dumbassets ol’ japoly was worth it.

Nanny Giveaway (NG):  Oh Mr. Big you are a negotiating machine and so strong and clean and spend like a Coon, ahem …. I meant Tycoon… right Chief?

Scary Drysreed (SD): Shutup you nitwit Nanny, it was all her idea Mr. Big not to call you.  I wanted to call you, but she said no I planted the idea of Plan B with Boner and he will pull a Boner and drive off the cliff…

BO:  Enough you two, enough about you, lets talk about me … I am great, I won, I cut the steering thingy and I won this all by my lonesome, you morons are around just to say stupid things and keep my office guarded during my golf excursions.  Now I have to talk up our victory of tax relief with my poor friends in Hollyweird, while those rich evil doers elsewhere will pay their fair share. And oh yes I must  return to gazing at my incredibly beautiful facial structure on a shaded Hawaiian beach. Ciao you idiots.

SC:  Good going you dumb slut Nanny, this was my deal to win!

NG:  Chief, to paraphrase the words of Jonthro Boner, Go and make love to thyself… you old fart.

SC:  If this was the sixties, I would … geez… please don’t look at me, those eyes… you’re melting my money belt.

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