Prince Charming In Moderate Earth, Best Friends Forevah

Biff Charming the defeated foe of SOBamaman for the rule of Moderate Earth, decided to break bread with his former sworn opponent, and discuss ways to work together and help keep transforming Moderate Earth into the Bottom of the Barrel Earth. We join our new best friends during their lunch in the White Tower.

SOB(Sobamaman):  Biff , you evil overlord of outsourcing and wealth creation, welcome to my liar, er my office.

BC(Biff Charming): Glad I could come and meet you again Santamaman, gifter to all the colored folks and courageous commander of  killing our unarmed foes and Moderate Earth diplomats.

SOB: Ha, ha, you are the joker aren’t you.   Ah I am glad the past is behind us, for I need your talent and good looks for a photo op, look over there Biffy, smile… {FLASH}.

BC: However I can help your Highness.

SOB: Please Biff, lets not be so formal, I’m just The One to my friends.

BC:  Okay, One,  so have you heard anything recently from my old pal, Gov. Hissie Christie Dumptie?  He doesn’t seem to return my calls of late.

SOB:  Who,…oh… Big Dumptie, yes, he sure did take one on yooo…. er… no He is very busy, he has appearances to keep up on those important news outlets like Saturday Evening Comatose.  But boy he does take a good photo op and sound bite… he doesn’t miss many bites does he?  Ho Ho

BC:  Yaaah, well I least Gollum McPrecious is leaving me alone these days. I hear he is going after your United Earther ambassador Sushi “Brown” Rice.   Poor defenseless female and minority, Sushi;  Gollum is a mean old and I mean old troll isn’t he?

SOB:  McPrecious finally learned to pick a fight he could win, but I have said to him ‘come on old man, I beat yo’ ass down one more time, like the ugly motherfolker you are.’   Like he needs anymore time with the ugly stick huh?  Yes Sushi, so gentle and so pliable and she flattens out so nicely as the SOBamaman bus runs over her.  Oh look lunch is being served….

Biff and SOBarmanan BFF

BC:  Oh macaroni and cheese and spam, some of my favorites,  isssssssshhh.

SOB:  I wish I could join you, but Michellandbrimstone, my concubine, er wife, keeps me on strict diet so I will suffer with my glazed salmon with fresh caesar salad and quarterpounder with goat cheese, and sweet potato fries with some McDonnies fries snuck in there.  All work and no play… really pisses me off.

BC: So you must have wished for my 5 point plan to use to help turn around the country.  I have many copies here for your use.

SOB: No, I think our stock of toilet paper is overflowing so I see no need.

BC:  Maybe, some tips from my corporate days, One?

SOB:  Noooooot really big guy, pass the tarter sauce pal, I think I got this business stuff all figured out. Douches like you, make some stuff and then you dumbsheeters  give most of your revenue back to dear old SOBamaman.  He will then reinvest it in some of his bestest other friend’s businesses, you know the ones that like to spend money like there is no tomorrow and then go broke but we  get dumbsheeters like you and other payers of taxes to cover for their mistakes.  They learned that from me,… did you know that?

BC: Sure.  Well, then maybe I can help in showing  you some ways we can reduce all the red ink?

SOB:  Are you forking me there big Biff??  Sheeet no, I just got this spending thing down, we print money, we rob from the Rich and we spend like we don’t have a care in the world. No way I am going back to the policies of the past… growth and moderate government, Nein mein Herr!!

BC:  What? I don’t understand.

SOB:  Excuse me,  I sometimes forget who I am, just your humble One.  My time does fly, well this was nice,  maybe we’ll do this again when I rule over all of the Earth. Don’t worry about not finishing lunch, we’ll get you a doggy bag,  just promise not to strap it to the top of your car.  Ho ho, Alexrod wrote that one, he is good isn’t he?  …. and Biff?

BC:  Yes One and Only?

SOB:  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass… I hate loud noises before nappy time. Burp.


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