Prince Charming in Moderate Earth – SOBamaman takes action

As the Reppacheepers battle for supremacy for the right to face SOBamaman this Fall in the epic battle for control of Moderate Earth, SOBamaman is beginning to stir and flex his mighty powers.  Let us join him as he is joined by this left hand man  Joey “The Talker”  Tietongue.

SOBamaman (SOB):  Joey I tell you, I love to stand up here and gaze over this great country that wasn’t so great until I was given the chance to fundamentally transform it.

Joey TieTongue (JT):  Youse got that right boss, and what a job youse doing… you sortenly deserve  to serve Moderate Earth for another four years.

SOB:  Truly.  Yes look at those economic reports.  Less and less unemployment everyday.  Gas prices surging, people leaving the work force surging,  debt surging, food stamps surging, taxes for rich evil doers surging, salaries for government workers surging…. that is progress isn’t it big Joe?

JT:  Its all good boss, real fxxxg good. You surge so good.  You are so good.  Damn you are good.

SOB:  I would say the same of you, but truthfully I’ve had better….

JT:  Of course, no one is worthy of you my Lord.  Yes you own this wonderful economy now.  And your new budget what a stroke of genius….

SOB:  Truly, cutting trillions, taxing trillions and even more trillions in new spending, it’s just numbers with lots of zeros.  And we will do more big Joe since we don’t need that thing they call… damn, what is it… it is a bunch of idiots over there in that domed building…help me here Joey….

JT:  Ah, Congress?

SOB: Yes, we don’t need them to hatch more of our wonderful schemes and plans and we will also ignore that piece of paper that so many Moderate Earthers, you know the ones I like to call “the folks”, as in dumb motherfolkers; says has some value to it… again help me… document old… has many amendments… geez…

JT:  Ah, the Constitution boss?

SOB:  2 for 2 Joey boy, might be a modern day record.  Yes who needs some old piece of history when we can rewrite things with a clean slate. Mandate more free stuff for the masses.  You want free Trojans for your daily freak sessions, damn straight;  in case you forget the condom, no problem we’ll abort that little mistake again at no charge to you Mr.  and Mrs. Voter, and then we will accuse Reepacheepers of hating all things sexual, oh its delicious isn’t Joey?

JT: Like tootie fruitie ice cream on a hot summer day dar Boss man.

SOB:  Give me a little SOBama fist bump there Joey, it’s gonna be great victory, but I must not rest, for every day I must focus on jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs especially my job… by the way is my scheduled cleared for golf this weekend, and have you cleared March for making my NCAA bracket and by Allah I need a Spring break soon, hell Michellandbrimstone is skiing in Asspin as I work my fingers to the bone.  Well lookie there it’s nap time…

JT:  Yore the best my clean, black, powerful leader … I love you…

SOB:   Jesus man you are drooling on my robe again… yuck.

JT: One question before  you depart, why is my staff so much smaller than yours my master?

SOB:  I would say because I am black, but that would only be half true and I would never ever ever play the race card, would I, my short cracker homie…..?????!!!!

JT/SOB:  hehehshhhoooohehehashahhheheheheheha oh stop it.. h ehehehhosajjajajaja, ahhhh, mmmmkay.


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