SOBamaman finds an answer in his Christie Ball

Well after a really, really and really long hiatus from the 2Tea blog, I have returned to add a new chapter in the struggle for Moderate Earth.  After the monster storm hits the East coastal regions, SOBamaman is given new life to help retain his grip on Moderate Earth for another four years.  His evil alchemist , Lgore, conjurned up a late season Hurricane, named Handy and helped to take the spotlight off SOBamaman’s  foreign debacle and bring the focus back to looking dictator- like.  A surprising pawn in this October surprise is Governer Hissie Christie Dumptie , who’s state of Snookieland took a big fall.  Christie pleaded for help from SOBamaman, who was more than ready to oblige the fat one.  No price is too high for the evil one to crush our surging challenger Prince Biff Charming.  Who knows how this will all play out, but all I know is SOBamaman has at least one Reppacheep governor by the ball.


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