VMA stars score new shows of their own.

The never resting 2t2t  Network has learned that Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke,  the soft porn stars of the 2013 VMA  show,  have both been green-lighted to star in their own reality series. 

The Disney XXX channel, a new cable channel coming soon to cable network near you has announced Miley will start in her adult version of her former Disney show Hannah Montana.  Her new show, Handda Jobba will focus on talents Miley shares with her swelling fan base.  Shows on twerking, hand jerking, smerking and lurking and all kinds of intellectual talents of Miley will be on display on upcoming episodes.

Miley or  Handa Jobtana copy

Robin Thicke will star as a roaming gigolo in his series ” My Icky Sticky Dick”.  Robin roams the world unleashing his massive thrusting pulsating oozing Johnson upon former Disney child stars. Most will be female.  At the time of this article, Robin was in negotiations with Hilary Duff  to star in the first episode tentatively titled Duff Diving.   Also rumors  have it Robin will collaborate with Billy Ray Cyrus of  Achy Breaky Heart to score the theme song for the show.

My itcky sticky Thicke copy


August 29, 2013. Tags: , , , , , . Party Jokes, Pop goes the culture.

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