Now this took Courage.

Hi there I’m Jason Collins your gay go-to center guy and thanks for the outpouring of support and encouragement for revealing that I am gay in my sexual orientation.  But that was really just part one of my announcement.  I am also into gender neutrality and cross-dressing and so I am changing my professional name to Jalissa Collins and joining the WNBA.  I know you are saying ‘why leave the NBA  Jalissa?‘ and I say have you seen my playing time stats lately girlfriend,  uh-huh.  I been riding the bench like Ice-T use to ride Coco, if you like that kind of sex I mean.  I know that sweetheart David Stern said I have a place somewhere in the NBA, but now David honey, I got to let my inner diva out and ball up  on these pathetic excuses of basketball players.  Watch out Brittney Griner, I am going to be rejecting you like a Donald Trump apprentice.  You’re fired sister or is it mister, who cares we’re all the same, gender neutrality for everyone.

Now my biggest decision is do I go with a Valentino or Oscar de la Renta evening dress?   And do you think my hair color clashes with my bracelet? Decisions, decisions.

Jalissa Collins


May 2, 2013. Tags: , , , . Party Jokes.

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