The Beltway Hillbillies: Driving to the Fiscal Cliff

The Dumassetts  The Beltway Hillbillies

Clockwise Top left:  Kelly Mae Ayotte,  Granny Annie Six Shooter Coulter, Jonthro Boner,  Mitch Dumbasset.

Theme of Beltway Hillbillies

 Come and listen to this story about a rube named Jonthro

Poor speaker of the house, his words come mighty slow

Then one day when he was tanning his back side

Up through his brain stem came a idear to be tried

Tax increases on the rich, millionaires and billionaires

Well next thing you know he called it Plan B

Tea Partiers said, Jonthro, no way we’re go’n up that tree

Said, the head of the house ain’t for you, ya big stiff

So he loaded up his truck and headed towards the cliff

Fiscal, that is, tax hikes, defense cuts

Well now its time to say adios to Jonthro and his friends

And he like to thank you for letting him stay ‘til the bitter ends

He wish you’d invite him to stick around a spell

Most rather see him drive off the cliff straight into hell

Eternal damnation, that is, Lake of Fire.  Really quite hot.

Y’all stay down there, y’hear?

Mean while back at Federal Tax and Redistribution Bank, Head of the Senate Pork fund, Mr. Scary Drysreed and his faithful sidekick and coffee server, Nanny Giveaway are just seeing their biggest suckers… er clients roar past in their broken down old jalopy.

Scary:  Ms. Giveaway was that the Dumbasset truck I just saw barreling down the beltway towards Fiscal Cliff Falls?  We need those Dumbassets to have someone to laugh at and wrap around our money stained fingers.

Nanny:  If my face could move I could have tracked them Chief as they went past, but all I know is we can’t let them go off the cliff,… well maybe we do just that….

Scary:  Nanny I pay you to get my coffee and kiss my wrinklie old ass, but you might be onto something there, I will let the Chairman of the Board know what we have seen.

Nanny:  Oh Chief, he is in Hawaii, sipping eggnog and reflecting on his image in the Pacific, it can wait until they are well over the Cliff.

Scary:  Bravo, Ms. Giveaway, send a memo out, bonuses for everybody…. the coffers will should be overflowing again.  Now leave me alone,  your eyes are starting to make my fruitcake melt.

Dingy Harry Dryreed and Nanny Giveaway


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