Kerrenstein and Frau Hillucher meet again

Late one evening in the bowels of the State Department headquarters, Johnny B. Kerrenstein is taking measurements for his new office, as he anticipates being the new Secretary of State.  When to his surprise he hears a loud cry like an animal who has been caught in a trap or in a life and death struggle.  Johnny runs to where heard the sound originated and hears a whimpering coming from behind a conference room door.  Johnny bursts in, and to his shock  he finds none other than Frau Hillucher, his predecessor at head of the State Department. 

Johnny B Kerrenstein (JBK):  Frau Hillaucher are you OK ?

Kerrenstein Monster

Frau Hillucher (FH):  Oh mein Gott!, I thought it might be Susan Rice or someone from Intelligence Committee or worse yet, Bill.  You almost caused an excretion mein grossen monster you.

JBK:  Frau Hillucher are you Okay?  Your head, the bandage, the ball-peen hammer?  Were you attacked?

FH: Nein, you silly huge animal you. I vas trying to put up a picture of our fearless commander, the swinehund who crushed my dreams just those short four years ago… das tut mir leid…  Anyvay, old five thumbs here brings back the hammer just a little too far and boom, mein kampf is a aching.

Frau Hillaucher copy

You know I am so sadden, for ich not be ablen to testify to those nice senators about that Benghazi thing, Ich thinken in fact it will be up to you.

JBK: ARggrrhhhh Johnny not want to touch that with ten foot pole.

FH:  Ja, I hearen about your ten footer Johnny B. Good, das ist gut!!

JBK:  You are not right in the head mein Mistress of the Night, let me get the doctor.

FH:  No I will  be okay, but come give me a kleinen huggy and Frau Hillucher will feel all better, and I will tell you some nice stories you can share with those nasty old senators…. tsk, tsk, to think I Frau Hillucher the smartest Frau with a unibrow could do anything wrong.  Ach tu leiben!!  Neiggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ride Johnny ride.

To revisit our lovebirds first meeting  go here


December 20, 2012. Tags: , , . Party Jokes.

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