Chumlee not to be denied, Voted Smartest Man in the World!

As some of you may know, the Onion, ran the article that Kim Jong Un was voted the sexiest man alive.  The Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily, picked this up and now it must be true.

Well this did not sit well with Chumlee (aka Kim Gong Wrong), the once sibling rival of Kim Jong Un.  Found out to not be twin brother to Mr. Un, but rather the bastard step brother, Chumlee  left N. Korea earlier this year under a cloud of shame and defeat in his power struggle for N. Korea’s top spot.  And now this news of  Mr. Un’s new title as the boy toy of the universe.

But sadness was replaced with joy as the announcement broke this week that, World News Weakly’s  monthly magazine, Brain Farts, announced  Chumlee being  voted the Smartest  Person Alive in 2012.  Cited for his study of tattoos that release Omega 3 directly in the body, hence, the enormous increase in Chumlee’s   brain function and curbing his desire for Hostess Ding Dongs ( what timing!);  Chumlee beat out Michelle Bachmann’s Vaccination Theories  and Nancy Pelosi’s Unemployment as Economic Growth Engine research to take the top spot.

Chumlee,seen sporting a new ‘do since the announcement was made, was quoted as saying  somewhat cryptically that “E!News equals MC Hammer is a square , dude. ”  Wow he is really … ah … something…



December 18, 2012. Chumlee vs Kim Jong Un.

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