Kaptions for a Kardashian and a General

Somehow this seems so possible, General Petreaus and Kim Kardashian hooking up and Kim making small talk.
“Want to join our new reality show, Keeping it up with the Kardashian’s , I mean are you all in or what Davey sweetie?”

“Want to add a little foam to my drinkie poo, General baby?   And maybe stir it, as well, with your special swizel stick?”

“I know what I’d like to have all in me Poopsie Whoopsie?”

“Do you like the smell of silicone in the morning my little warmonger?”

“Hey, if you decide to leave ‘ your old ball and chain’ someday let me know, pumpkin.  I haven’t been married in months.”

“Is that a five star credit card in your pocket or are you just happy to be squeezing me.”


November 18, 2012. Tags: , , , . Party Jokes.

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