Barry Boxcutterfingers

Oh look out it’s Barry Boxcutterfingers, out to cut the only thing he likes to slash and burn and that’s Defense.  Oh that darn Barry he’s just butterfingers when it comes to cutting things like entitlements and the oh so slim and underfunded Dept of  Ag, HUD, Dept of Energy, Dept of Teachers Unions, UN funding.  No Barry is very single minded here and watch out those blades are cutting like crazy.  I think Barry senses the end is near and hopes to do as much damage he can before someone takes his tools away.  No just take THE TOOL away… please!

In fairness, I think Defense needs to be cut back some, like any other department should be.  I mean how hard is it to say the govt payroll needs a 20% haircut either by deduction in pay, cut in benefits or layoffs.  Evil corporations have to do that in hard times.  But Barry is only diving into Defense which is so typical for this ideologue.  America get a clue and soon.  Because this ain’t no movie but it sure is damn scary.




January 6, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Party Jokes.

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