Green Acres Gothic

Rick Perry:

Green Acres was the place to be…

But I think Texas is where I’ll flee…

Got my ass kicked hard and good

Keep Des Moines, I going back to the mesquite wood


Campaigning is where I stay

Cause I plum loco wouldn’t you say…

I love missing a Minnesota winter

Dear Rick I’ll miss you, you  immigrant  loving  vaccine pushing  W impersonating sphincter


… no more debates (RP)

…. need a running mate? (MB)

….Lone Star (RP)

…. I’m going far (MB)


You aren’t my choice (RP)

I’ll talk til I lose my voice (MB)

Iowa,we’re no longer tharrrrrrr…  (Both)

Oink….(Newt filling in for Arnold)  the original theme song for you too young to remember it


epilogue :   When I did this blog entry on  1/3 Tues even. early Wed am, Michelle said she was moving on to SC  and Perry was cancelling visits to SC to reassess his campaign which to me seemed like heavy foreshadowing of
ending his presidential run. Within a twelve hour span it was reversed, so the teachable moment for yours truly is never take a politician’s words too seriously, but inspiration is hard to contain and they do make a lovely couple don’t they?  LD

January 4, 2012. Tags: , , . Party Jokes.

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